Collection: ZAKET & PLOVER

Founded in 2004 by Chris and Effie, Zaket & Plover quickly cemented its position as a leading Australian luxury knitwear label. Thanks to their wealth of experience and shared passion for fashion and travel, the collaborative pair has guided our brand towards ever-greater heights.

Zaket & Plover remains a tightly-knit family business based in Melbourne, unwavering in its commitment to creativity and quality. But we've evolved with the times, and our journey has taken us beyond knitwear. Today, we proudly stand as a ready-to-wear collections label, featuring an array of woven co-ordinates that seamlessly complement our signature knitwear.

At the heart of every design is Zaket & Plover's unwavering commitment to excellence: impeccable quality, sustainable luxury, all at a price point that invites everyone to share in our unique blend of comfort and style.

Our mission is clear: to empower women, especially those over 30, with clothing that not only envelops them in comfort but also embodies style and confidence. Effie, our brilliant head designer, crafts every piece with this purpose in mind.

Our name has been derived from our Greek roots.
ZAKET meaning Cardigan & PLOVER meaning Pullover.